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Haitian Poulet Aux Noix 

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Haitian Poulet Aux Noix 

Poulet aux noix is a Haitian dish featuring chicken and cashews as the main ingredients. The chicken should always be well-spiced, while the cashews used in the dish should be raw. Chicken pieces, such as legs and thighs, are typically marinated, steamed, then pan-fried along with diced tomatoes, onions, and tomato paste, which imparts a golden-brown color to the meat.



To Marinate The Chicken

1 ½ Lbs. Chicken Pieces

½ Cup Haitian Epis

Juice from ½ Lemon

1 Tsp. Kosher Salt

About 5 sprigs parsley

Slice, Chop, And Dice

1 Bell Pepper Sliced. Any color will work

1 Medium Onion Sliced and divided

3 Garlic cloves Peeled and chopped

5 Whole Cloves Crushed/smashed with mortar and pestle

For The Stew

½ Cup Canola Oil

4 Tbsp. Tomato Paste Plus more to make it richer

8 Cups Water

1 Habanero Pepper Optional

Kosher Salt To Taste

1 Lemon

1 Cup Raw Cashews




Marinate The Meat: After washing the meat, top the meat with the remaining ingredients. Mix well and set aside to marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes or overnight.

Meanwhile: Slice 1 bell pepper. Set aside. Remove the seeds and discard.

Slice the onions. Set aside.

In a mortar and pestle or in a food processor, smash or chop the garlic and cloves. Set aside.

Prepare The Stew:

After marinating: Place a large pot or saucepan on the stove over medium high heat. Transfer the meat and seasoning to the pot and cook for 15 minutes; covered.

Stir occasionally and once it starts to stick to the bottom of the pan, delegate slowly with 1 cup of water. Mix well, then add 7 cups of water. Cover and allow to cook for 15 minutes. Stir, and continue to cook for an additional 15 minutes (45 minutes in total).

Remove the meat: After the total time, remove the meat from the pot and set it aside.

Transfer the liquid to a bowl. Set it aside.

In the same pot or saucepan (rinse if desired), add ½ cup canola oil.

When the oil is heated through, add the chicken in batches to avoid splashes. Pan fry on both sides for a few minutes until brown on both sides. Then remove the chicken and set it aside.

Next, add the tomato paste. Then add the garlic and whole cloves mixture, followed by half of the sliced onions and half of the bell peppers. Add the cashews and chicken. Mix well. Cover and cook for an additional 10 minutes; stirring occasionally.

Add the chicken liquid, additional herbs (if desired – parsley and basil; optional), remaining onions and bell peppers. Then add juice from 1 lemon.

Mix well to combine. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Add 1 habanero pepper for extra flavor and heat, if desired.

Lower the heat to medium low and simmer for 15 minutes.






Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed.kjv 

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