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Bobó De Camarão 

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Bobó De Camarão 

A classic dish of the Brazilian Bahia region, bobó de camarão is a stew made with puréed cassava (bobó), fresh shrimps, coconut milk, and dendê palm oil.

The word bobó comes from the Ewe people who were brought to Brazil as slaves, denoting a dish made with beans, although there are no beans in bobó de camarão as we know it today, due to the fact that the Afro-Brazilians enthusiastically took to cassava when they were first introduced to it.

The dish is traditionally accompanied by rice on the side, and is a staple of most traditional Brazilian eateries and Bahian self-service restaurants.



1 large onion, diced a heaping cup

2 teaspoons of palm oil azeite de dendê

1 tablespoon Brazilian sofrito or 4 cloves of garlic, minced

1.3 pounds yuca root, peeled, shredded

2 pounds large shrimp, peeled and deveined pink, white, etc

3 tomatoes, cut into chunks

1/4 cup red bell pepper, diced

1/4 cup green bell pepper, diced

1/4 cup yellow bell pepper, diced

1-2 hot peppers Dedo de moça, red aji pepper, Serrano pepper

1 tablespoon grated ginger

1 14oz can of coconut milk

1 lime, juiced

1/4 cup green onion, sliced

salt and pepper to taste




In a saucepan, heat the palm oil over medium heat. Add the onion and stir until soft.

Stir in the Brazilian sofrito, and cook until fragrant. Add the bell peppers, and the tomatoes and cook until soft. Add in the ginger and the chopped cilantro. Add the shredded yuca, season with salt and pepper and stir to combine.

Pour and stir in the coconut milk, and 2 cups of water. Simmer covered over low heat until the yuca is cooked, about 25 minutes, while stirring regularly.

Add the chopped green onions and the chili peppers—if the mixture starts to get too thick, and starts to stick at the bottom of the pan, add another cup of water. 

When the yuca is mostly cooked, add the lime juice to the peeled and deveined shrimp, and stir to combine.

After about 2 minutes, add the shrimp to the mixture. Cook another 10-15 minutes, until shrimp is just cooked and pink.

Serve over white rice





Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which the Son of man shall give unto you: for him hath God the Father sealed.kjv 

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